World's smallest vitamin factory! Panmol B Complex 120 is a complete natural vitamin B complex obtained from quinoa sprouts that contains a multitude of organically bound and biologically active B vitamins to completely fill your nutrition gaps. PANMOL®-B-COMPLEX is patented.
A true concentration, A true plant equivalent. Plant infusions concentrated on totum plant, fully restores all of natures wealth with an additive and carrier free labelling. I Powder®can help you develop health claim solutions that bring security and differentiation.
Bearlic, the only commercial source of European wild garlic, is the "new star" of garlic because it is naturally odorless, yet it contains 20 times the adenosine found in cultivated garlic. Adenosine is necessary to fully activate the lipids-lowering potential of allicin.
Salmon naturally matures in the nutrient-rich water of the North Pacific Ocean giving an optimum profile for improving the skin moisture content.
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